HIV: USA - is a cost effective anti-stigma, prevention and eduction campaign used to encourage HIV testing, empower participants and people living with HIV.  In order to encourage discussion and normalize conversation, HIV: USA works with local, regional and state organizations to create a targeted message and multi-media campaign through the use of creative writings, state specific facts and state iconic imagery.

By ignoring stigma, HIV:USA sheds light on the reality of living with the virus that causes AIDS.  It gives hope and inspires others to come together in the fight against HIV/AIDS, to know one’s own status and to understand that if you are HIV positive - You are not alone.

HIV: USA has been featured in A&U, HIV Plus, Indiewire and in many other publications.


What is HIV: USA


“It’s like a living quilt”.

         HIV: NYC

“HIV: USA is like a Virtual Speakers Bureau”.

           HIV: RI